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When it comes to Trees, we are experts in the industry and always strive to use the best equipment possible for the job and take all the necessary precautions to make sure your new tree will thrive in it's new location. 

We know trees are a large, lifetime investment and nothing is worse than investing your money to look out your window only to see a declining, unhealthy tree.  Here are just some of the extensive steps that we take to insure your tree shows vigor and life for many years to come.

>     When possible we try to utilize our tree spade to do the installations; this results in less
                       damage to the sensitive root hairs and often provides you with a larger root system.

           >     We have extensive knowledge on the trees' growing requirements and will not plant
                       any tree in a place we believe it will do poorly or will be overgrown, just to get the sale. 
                       When we meet with you during our initial consultation we will freely offer you education
                       and advise you on what trees would work best in your landscape.

>     We offer temporary irrigation, watering, and winterizing programs to take any
                      guesswork out of keeping your new plants and trees green.

      As professional Milwaukee landscapers, we have made it part of our business strategy to provide a higher quality selection than our competition, as most other landscapers are often confined to the selection of a few local wholesale nurseries. 

     Using specialized Tree Digging & Moving Equipment that is rare in the industry, we are often able to offer you a selection of Quality that extends beyond the local wholesale nurseries and extends into local private growers and hobbyists.

     When possible, we try to utilize our Tree Spade to do the Tree Installations; this is a great benefit to the health and vigor of the tree.  Where as tree nursery stock is normally dug in the spring, then loaded, unloaded and moved around multiple times, it at times can become neglected or damaged through all the movement. 

      The roots are the most important part of the tree and in the clump of dirt there are fine sensitive root hairs.  It is these root hairs that are responsible for most of the trees' nutrient uptake.  When you move them again and again, it is these sensitive root hairs that become broken and damaged. 

      It is through this process that the Tree Spade shines.  It allows you dig the trees, transport them, and plant them with doing almost no damage to the root hairs.  Also, often times the Tree Spade is able to capture a much greater percentage of the roots than what is offered at local nurseries.  Sometimes, under the right circumstances, trees that are planted this way never know that they have been moved.

      As a result they are healthier and do not take years to recover to their natural growth rate.  You are in a sense adding one to two years of immediate growth to a tree, that would otherwise be deferred until it has a chance to recover.
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Areas we Service Include: Mequon, Cedarburg, West Bend, Port Washington, Saukville, Belgium, Grafton, Germantown, Menomonee Falls, Brookfield, Waukesha, Pewaukee, Oconomowoc, Nashotah, Jackson, Hartford, Slinger, Lannon, Sussex, Hartland, Elm Grove, Delafield, New Berlin, Milwaukee, Greenfield, Glendale, Bayside, Shorewood, River Hills, Wauwatosa, Franklin, South Milwaukee, Caladonia

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Our Services Include:

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      Patios, Walkways,
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      Lannon Stone
      Retaining walls

      Winterization of
             Shrubs & Trees

      Tree & Shrub Pruning
             & Removal

      Mulch Delivery
      Topsoil & Stone Delivery
      Trash & Debris Removal

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. . . Last year I had him install ten 6' Colorado Blue Spruces, and in addition to prompt expedited service, the final price was very competitive in relation to similar contractors.  The trees were healthy, and with their guidance I was able to keep them as such.
. . . It is so nice to see a company that takes such care in their work; not just in the sales process, but through the entire project.
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Highly Quality Lawn Installations.  You Can Trust us for a Green Lawn.  Amazing Quality at a Reasonable Price!  From Rough Grading to Finish Grading to Seeding and Sod.  Whether you have drainage issues that need to be fixed or you need a new lawn - Give us a Call!
Milwaukee Tree Nursery
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A place where you can get Large Trees for instant Privacy & Impact.  We offer a Large Selection of Semi-Mature Evergreens, Shade Trees, and Ornamental Trees at a Reasonable Price.
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Do you need your yard Landscaped, Mulched, or Renovated?  We can make a house look like a home and create an atmosphere that you and your neighbors will admire.  We Offer Top Quality at a Reasonable Price - Give us a Call!
Amazing Custom Patios, Entrances, Walkways, and Retaining Walls all  designed with functionality and beauty in mind.  Call us for a Reasonably Priced Quote and watch your yard be transformed.
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Landscaping Milwaukee
Do you have Trees, but Just in the wrong spot?  Call us and we will put them where you want them.  Don't want to cut your Tree down, see if your neighbor wants to buy it from you.  Call us with your Tree Moving Needs!
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High Quality Topsoil, Mulch, and Compost that is reasonable priced.  Many Varieties of Mulch to Choose From.  Pick up or Delivery.  Call Us Today for your Mulch, Topsoil, and Compost Needs!
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